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Master The Night: The Complete Video Course

Master The Night: The Complete Video Course


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Discover the Secrets of Night Photography: A Creative Journey Under the Stars

Available from 31st March.

Welcome to the ultimate online course dedicated to night photography, designed to transform photography enthusiasts of all levels into true masters of the nocturnal light. Whether you're taking your first steps with your camera or you're an experienced photographer looking for new creative challenges, this course is crafted to inspire you and equip you with all the knowledge and techniques needed to capture the magic of the night.

Through a series of detailed modules, we will explore together the art and science of night photography. From the basics of equipment and camera settings, through fundamental techniques and composition, to more specific genres such as night landscape photography, astrophotography, and the vibrant urban night photography. This course will guide you step by step into the fascinating world of photography under the stars, revealing the secrets to capturing extraordinary images that tell luminous stories in the dark.

With a balanced mix of theoretical lessons, practical demonstrations, creative exercises, and final projects, you'll have the opportunity to immediately apply what you learn. Moreover, the section dedicated to editing and post-production will show you how to further elevate your night images, refining their details, colors, and atmosphere.

This course will not only enhance your photographic technique but will also push you to see the world differently, finding beauty and poetry in night scenes that many overlook. Join us on this creative adventure to discover how to turn the night into your personal open-air photo studio.

What You Will Gain From This Course:
- A deep understanding of specific techniques for night photography.
- The ability to make the most of your equipment in low-light conditions.
- Creative techniques for composing and capturing breathtaking night images.
- Step-by-step guidance in editing your night photos to maximize their visual impact.
- Access to a community of night photography enthusiasts for idea exchange and feedback.

Unlock the potential of the night and elevate your photography to the next level. Enroll now and start capturing the breathtaking beauty of the world under a starry sky.

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Arguments of Video Course

Introduction to Night Photography

  • Objectives: Introduce the basic concepts of night photography, the necessary equipment, and the differences compared to daytime photography.
  • Contents: Overview of night photography, essential tools (tripod, remote shutter release, suitable lenses, etc.), and a brief introduction to camera settings for night photography.

Understanding Camera Settings

  • Objectives: Explain the crucial camera settings for night photography.
  • Contents: ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance. How and when to adjust them to best capture light in low-light conditions.

Basic Techniques

  • Objectives: Teach the fundamental techniques for successful night photography.
  • Contents: Use of a tripod, remote shooting, using the camera's timer, manual focus and autofocus in low-light conditions.

Composition in Night Photography

  • Objectives: Guide in the art of photographic composition at night.
  • Contents: Composition rules specific to night photography, the importance of the foreground, working with available light, and leveraging city lights for dynamic compositions.

Night Landscape Photography

  • Objectives: Provide the knowledge to capture breathtaking night landscapes.
  • Contents: Planning the photography session, reading natural light (moon, stars), long exposures, and light painting techniques.


  • Objectives: Introduce basic astrophotography techniques.
  • Contents: Necessary equipment, camera settings, locating celestial subjects, and post-production techniques specific to astrophotography.

Urban Night Photography

  • Objectives: Teach how to capture the essence of cities at night.
  • Contents: Choosing subjects, managing artificial light sources, creative techniques like light trails.

Editing and Post-production

  • Objectives: Show how to enhance night photos in post-production.
  • Contents: Introduction to editing software, adjusting exposure, contrast, sharpness, and advanced editing techniques specific to night photography.

Final Project

  • Objectives: Apply what has been learned in a practical project.
  • Contents: Creation of a portfolio of night photographs that demonstrates the skills acquired.

Bonus: Tips and Tricks from the Field

  • Objectives: Share personal experiences and practical advice.