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Neural Sharp - Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC - Windows and Apple Included M1/M2/M3 Compatible

Neural Sharp - Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC - Windows and Apple Included M1/M2/M3 Compatible


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"Neural Sharp" is a revolutionary Photoshop plugin powered by artificial intelligence, designed to transform your photos with just one click. Utilizing advanced deep learning algorithms, "Neural Sharp" analyzes every pixel of your image to dramatically improve its sharpness, even in areas where details seem nonexistent. But it doesn't stop there: this powerful tool goes further, offering stunning contrasts that make your shots stand out like never before.

With "Neural Sharp," you don't have to be a photo editing expert to achieve professional-level results. Whether you're working on a landscape, a portrait, or any other type of image, a single click can turn a good photo into an extraordinary one. Forget about spending hours manually adjusting complicated parameters; "Neural Sharp" simplifies the process, ensuring superior quality results at the same time.

Key features of "Neural Sharp":

  • Sharpness enhancement: Recovers previously hidden details and improves the clarity of your images.
  • Intensified contrasts: Gives your shots unparalleled depth and intensity, with contrasts that catch the eye.
  • Ease of use: Thanks to its intuitive interface, optimizing your photos is simple and fast.
  • Cutting-edge AI technology: Leverages advanced algorithms for unprecedented image improvement.
  • Universal compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Adobe Photoshop, it supports a wide range of image formats.

Whether you're a professional photographer looking for that final touch for your works, or an enthusiast, "Neural Sharp" is the tool that will take your images to the next level. Get ready to impress everyone with the quality of your photos, all with a simple click.

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Customer Reviews

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Antonio Cesaretti



Intuitiva e potente

José Luis Ballester Hércules

An excelent Plug-in

Dirk Uys
very good panel stable and allowing lots of refining. of layers

very good stable great results would like a bit more info about all functions and using masks

Gavin Wehlburg
Neural Sharp

Another great tool. Please - you need to build into the tools a clickable that tells you what each sub-tool, button, or task does. You chaps are far smarter and know the Tools - please impart that knowledge so that we may use these tools to their best advantage. Kind regards Gavin

Revolutionize Your Photography with a Single Click: Discover the Power of Neural Sharp

Transform Your Images into Masterpieces: Experience Unmatched Clarity and Vibrant Contrasts with Neural Sharp's Advanced AI

Born to make life easier

One Click: Best Result

Embrace the future of photo editing with 'One Click, Best Result'—a promise that stands at the core of Neural Sharp. This cutting-edge Photoshop plugin is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your photographs, effortlessly. With just a single click, Neural Sharp deploys sophisticated deep learning algorithms designed to meticulously analyze and enhance every pixel of your image. From rediscovering hidden details in the shadows to highlighting the textures that make your subject stand out, this tool ensures that your photos achieve unparalleled sharpness and stunning contrasts. Forget about the tedious manual adjustments and time-consuming processes typically associated with professional photo editing. Neural Sharp simplifies your workflow, allowing you to achieve breathtaking results instantly, making every photo not just better, but your best. Whether you're capturing the grandeur of landscapes or the intimate moments of portraits, 'One Click, Best Result' is not just a feature—it's your new reality in photography.


sharpen? no problem.

Sharpen Pro

"Sharpen Pro" is an innovative feature designed to completely transform the sharpness and depth of your photos with a simple click. This tool offers three levels of intensity: hard, medium, and soft, allowing you to customize the effect according to the specific needs of your image. Whether you want to accentuate the fine details of a breathtaking landscape or enhance the clarity of a portrait, "Sharpen Pro" ensures flawless results with minimal effort. Just one click is all it takes to achieve the best version of your photo, making this tool indispensable for photographers at every level.


one click best result

Sharp Nebula

"Sharp Nebula" is a revolutionary feature aimed at astrophotography enthusiasts and anyone wishing to capture the majestic beauty of the universe. With just one click, this function significantly enhances the sharpness of nebulae, separating them from the deep night sky with astonishing clarity. "Sharp Nebula" is designed to emphasize the structure and colors of nebulae, making every detail more defined and every color more vibrant. This magical tool transforms your astronomical images, elevating the quality of night sky photos to previously unimaginable levels. Regardless of your experience level in astrophotography, "Sharp Nebula" allows you to explore the universe with a completely new perspective, turning ordinary starry sky photos into amazing works of art with a simple click.



Midtones Sharp

With the Midtones Sharp feature, you transform your images with just one click, giving them the sharpness and brightness they crave. This exceptional tool illuminates your photos while preserving the integrity of the highlights and shadows, focusing on the midtones to reveal hidden details and enrich your images with incredibly sharp clarity. Midtones Sharp delves deeply into the structure of your photo, enhancing subtle details without overloading the extremes, offering a perfect balance that brings your images to life in a natural and effective way. This is not just an adjustment: it's a revelation that brings the true essence of your photography to the surface, making every shot more vivid and visually impactful. With Midtones Sharp, every photo becomes a story to tell, rich in vibrant details and image quality that captures and holds attention.


details, details...DETAILS!

Blue Sharp

Breathe life into your shots with Blue Sharpen, an innovation that leverages an advanced algorithm designed to delve deeply into the details within the blue channel. This process not only enriches your photos with astonishing three-dimensionality but also elevates them to an unprecedented level of sharpness. Blue Sharpen is perfect for adding that touch of magic to images that appear slightly blurry or lack that crisp detail that makes all the difference. It's important to use this function judiciously: while it transforms less sharp photos into masterpieces of clarity, on already sharp images, the effect might be too strong, leading to an overemphasis of details. Therefore, we recommend applying Blue Sharpen carefully, to ensure that each of your photographs fully exploits the depth and sharpness it deserves, without ever losing sight of the visual balance necessary for a harmonious and captivating final result.



No Limit Sharpen

Impart unparalleled three-dimensionality and sharpness to your shots, transcending every boundary of photographic imagination. This revolutionary approach allows you to enhance every detail of your images, transforming them into visually stunning works of art that go beyond mere photography. The depth and precision achieved through this methodology enrich each shot with clarity and vividness that seem to challenge the limits of reality itself, taking visual perception to a level never experienced before. Don't settle for flat and lifeless images; instead, seize this unique opportunity to infuse your work with a three-dimensional quality and sharpness that set new standards in the world of photography, creating unprecedented and boundless visual experiences.


Blue dark sharp


Enhance your photographs by giving them exceptional sharpness and immersing them in an intensely blue atmosphere with the innovative Darken function. This unique tool does not merely improve the clarity and details of your images; it goes further, enveloping them in a deep blue hue that adds depth, mystery, and an incomparable artistic quality. With the Darken function, you transform ordinary photos into masterpieces of design, achieving a dark blue effect that captivates the viewer and enchants the observer. It's ideal for those who wish to add a touch of drama and uniqueness to their shots, evoking deep emotions and creating a fascinating atmosphere. By using this function, you have the power to experiment with your creativity, exploring new visual dimensions and elevating your photographs to a higher level of artistic expression.



Subject Details

Introducing Subject Sharpness, a groundbreaking feature specifically designed to recognize the subject in your photograph and apply a sharpness algorithm solely to it. This sophisticated tool harnesses the power of advanced image processing techniques to distinguish between the subject and the background, ensuring that only the focal point of your image is enhanced for unparalleled clarity and detail. Whether it's a portrait, a pet, or a stunning landscape, Subject Sharpness intelligently zeroes in on the main subject, leaving the surroundings naturally soft and unaltered. This selective sharpening method allows for a more natural and compelling photograph, drawing the viewer's attention directly to the subject without the distractions of an overly sharpened background. Perfect for professionals and photography enthusiasts alike, Subject Sharpness offers a nuanced approach to photo editing, providing the ability to elevate the visual impact of your images with precision and subtlety. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all sharpening tools and welcome a new era of customized image enhancement that truly makes your subjects stand out.


Beyond the Bounds of Sharpness: Where Every Detail Tells a Story.

In the heart of photographic creativity, where every shot holds infinite possibilities, our panel is born: a symphony of functionalities designed to transform vision into reality. Imagine a place where sharpness meets art, where every pixel of your photo is examined and perfected to convey the deepest story you wish to transmit.

Our panel is a precision laboratory where the magic of artificial intelligence and technological innovation come together to offer you unprecedented control over the quality of your images. Here, every function works harmoniously to elevate three-dimensionality, enhance sharpness, and accentuate depth, turning each of your photos into a masterpiece.

With an intuitive interface and instant results, our panel is designed for photographers of every level who wish to push beyond the boundaries of traditional photo editing. Whether you're seeking to bring a landscape to life, capture the essence of a portrait, or explore abstract beauty, our panel gives you the freedom to express your creativity without limits.

Join us on this journey towards visual perfection. Explore, create, and be amazed by how fascinating the world can be through the lens of your camera, refined by the power of our panel. Because in every photograph, there's an opportunity for wonder, and we're here to help you discover it.

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