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The Best All in one Photography Plugin for Photoshop

Astro Panel X are the perfect plugin for landscape, astrophotography and retouch photography for Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are a professional or a beginner it doesn't matter because will always guide you to the perfect results.

  • Landscape Tools

    With Astro Panel X you will find new features developed specifically for any type of photography. You will be able to process white balance and color tone with one click, remove digital noise and annoying hot pixels, increase image sharpness, recover shadows and highlights and manage many effects like Orton and Glow.

  • Astrophotography Tools

    Automatically or step by step change all the images of the milky way, deep sky or startrail. With the tools available you can enhance any detail, remove the stars in deep sky images or enhance the colors of your startrails.

  • Export Tools

    Thanks to Astro Panel X you won't waste time searching for hidden features in Adobe Photoshop CC. You will have in every tab you are using the main photographic adjustments, the brushes and the possibility of modifying in a click the opacity of the layers, the feather and the density of the brush selection mask.

  • Luminosity Masks

    When the lights and shadows become difficult to handle, the Masks section comes in handy. This section is able to guarantee a rapid and constant workflow, allows you to select in real time all luminosity masks and is able to select all the highlights, shadows and midtones of the main colors.

  • Color Masks

    With the Color masks you can make the colors of your photos unique. With the real-time management of luminosity masks you can also manage the main colors. You can improve contrast, luminosity, saturation and vividness in no time by giving your photos perfect and balanced colors. Your photos will seem to come out of the monitor thanks to Astro Panel X.

  • Quick Tools

    Tools like Forward and Back, the Quick White Mask, Curve Level and Tonal Values, White Brush and Black Brush, Hue / Saturation and Color Balance have been optimized compared to the previous version.

  • Fusion

    The features of Fusion make Astro Panel X unique in its kind. It is a concentrate of perfect technology for merging your images in Adobe Photoshop CC. There is no plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC that allows you to merge images.

  • Stacking of Astro Images

    Astro Panel X allows you to add images of the Milky Way and the deep sky very quickly. You can also add dark, bias and flat and have custom options for star alignment. One of the most advanced features of Astro Panel X is to merge up to 3 different exposures into one to achieve a dynamic range at night without equal.

  • Portrait Retouch

    The advanced features of Astro Panel X are able to work with any type of skin with perfect and spectacular results.

  • Amazing Results

    Astro Panel X advanced sharpening features know no boundaries! Get incredible details with just one click. You always get perfect results, if you are an expert or a beginner it doesn't matter, will always give results beyond your expectations.

  • Modern, Easy, Fast

    After installing Astro Panel X one of the strengths you will notice is its design. It's technologically advanced and futuristic that every command is just a click away with minimal and clean graphics.

  • Automatic translations

    With Astro Panel X you can manage the language of menu and features.

    The following languages are available at launch: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Three Ebook Included with Astro Panel X

  • How to Photograph Night Sky

    With this ebook you will learn how to photograph and processing the Milky Way, Deep Sky, Startrail and Panoramic images with Astro Panel X.

  • Landscape Photography

    With this ebook you will learn how to photograph and processing the landscape images with Astro Panel X in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

  • Retouch and Beauty Photography

    With this ebook you will learn how to photograph and processing Portrait and Make-up images with Astro Panel X in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

What's new compared to previous versions?

Astro Panel X integrates respect to previous versions all the features of Cloe Retouch, new functions for landscape and astrophotography, a new Extra tab and much more ...
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Compatible Adobe PS CC

Astro panel is only compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC from 2018 to 2022 version. Compatibility with the new Mac M1 processors is guaranteed by starting Adobe Photoshop in Rosetta emulation mode.

Orders for incorrect purchases will not be refunded. 

Make sure you have installed one of the Adobe Photoshop CC versions before purchasing.

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