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Perfect Colors

Perfect Lights

Perfect Details

Perfect Results

Perfect Exposure

Made with passion for Photography

Astro Panel is the best plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC and integrates advanced functions for digital processing of the Milky Way, deep sky images and landscapes. 

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Innovation in Your PC/Mac

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One of the most powerful Panel for Adobe Photoshop CC

Fstoppers Review

Astro Panel is a great time-saver for the experienced imager and a really great buy for the less experienced. The automatic color balancing and light pollution tools are truly one click and work really well. At the current exchange rate, and with a sale running, Astro Panel is €49.90. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Astro Panel to any Photoshop user wanting to speed up their workflow.

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For any type of photos

With the new Astro Panel you will find new features developed specifically for any type of photography. You will be able to process white balance and color tone with a click, remove digital noise and annoying hot pixels, increase image sharpness, recover shadows and highlights and manage many effects like Orton and Glow or Dodge and Burn.

Enhance your photos with few clicks

One of the strengths of Astro Panel is the simplicity and speed of the digital processing procedure that in a very short time and few clicks will make your photos better and more detailed.

Manage the light like a Master

When the lights and shadows become difficult to handle, the Masks section comes in handy. This section is able to guarantee a rapid and constant workflow, allows you to select in real time all luminosity masks and is able to select all the highlights, shadows and midtones of the main colors.

Get Perfect Colors

With the color masks you can make the colors of your photos unique. With the real-time management of brightness masks you can also manage the main colors. You can improve contrast, brightness, saturation and vividness in no time by giving your photos perfect and balanced colors. Your photos will seem to come out of the monitor thanks to Astro Panel.

Silk Effect

The silk effect can also be achieved without the use of ND filters. In fact, with Astro Panel you can add hundreds of shots in order to obtain the same effect.

Merge Photos in HDR

With Astro Panel you can add lots of photos to create the HDR effect. You can choose between the classic HDR and the Multi Blending Night HDR.

Created for astrophotography

Automatically or step by step change all the images of the milky way, deep sky or startrail. With the tools available you can enhance any detail, remove the stars in deep sky images or enhance the colors of your startrails.

Stacking of Milky way and Deep Sky

Astro Panel allows you to stack images of the Milky Way and the deep sky very quickly. You can also enter the dark, bias and flat and have custom options for star alignment.

Sensational Startrail

Sum hundreds of pictures to get beautiful linear Startrail and special effects on the stars. Then you can make your startrails fluid thanks to the functions contained in the Astro tab.

Visit the Gallery

In our gallery you can find a lot of photographers that used Astro Panel in your workflow. See your outstanding images to get inspiration.

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Video Tutorial

Access online video tutorials available in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish. Furthermore, with the purchase of each panel you will find the multilingual manual inside.

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Are you still thinking about it?

If you are looking for the best tool to process your photos, Astropanel is the right choice for you. 

Astropanel contains no secrets, just lots of experience and love for photos. 

The years of photographic practice have facilitated the development of Astropanel. 

We know what a photographer is looking for.