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Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions provides digital imaging solutions to professionals in the photography, graphic design, and printing industries. Digital Solutions include software and services for image management, post-production, printing, and publication.

Digital Solutions solutions are designed to help professionals improve their workflow and productivity, offering advanced tools and technologies for editing, color correction, file management, high-quality printing and online publication.

Among Digital Solutions solutions are software for image editing and post-production, such as Astro Panel for Adobe Photoshop, Websites and services for online advertising.

In summary, Digital Solutions provides advanced and customized digital imaging solutions to help professionals achieve high-quality results and improve their workflow in the production, management, and publication of images.

The Best All in one Photography Plugin for Photoshop

Astro Panel X are the perfect plugin for landscape, astrophotography and retouch photography for Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are a professional or a beginner it doesn't matter because will always guide you to the perfect results.


How Neural Celestia was born

Neural Celestia was born out of the need to take photo editing to new levels of perfection and creativity, while always keeping user creative freedom at its core. The team at Astropanel.it, passionate about astrophotography and photography in general, recognized the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence and neural networks in the field of photo editing, but has always kept in mind the importance of leaving room for individual vision and inspiration.

The idea behind Neural Celestia emerged as the team sought to improve their post-production capabilities for astronomical and general photography. It became evident that manual editing had its limitations, requiring significant time and expertise to achieve stunning results, but Neural Celestia embraced the goal of creating tools that are complementary to the creativity of users, not replacements.

The division recruited a team of experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to develop advanced algorithms capable of automatically recognizing key elements in images and enhancing them intelligently. However, Neural Celestia's approach has always been to offer flexible options and controls to users, allowing them to modulate the intervention of artificial intelligence according to their creative preferences.

In addition to simplifying the editing process, Neural Celestia aims to stimulate user creativity by providing innovative tools for image manipulation and the application of special effects, while still leaving room for personal interpretation and artistic expression. The mission of this division is to combine the precision of technology with artistic expression, enabling anyone to transform their photographs into extraordinary works of art, always with respect for the individual vision of each user.

In summary, Neural Celestia was born out of enthusiasm for photography and technology, with the goal of making photo editing more accessible, powerful, and expressive through artificial intelligence and neural networks, while always holding firm to the principle of user creative freedom.


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