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Neural Vibrance - Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC - Windows and Apple Included M1/M2/M3 Compatible

Neural Vibrance - Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC - Windows and Apple Included M1/M2/M3 Compatible


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"Neural Vibrance" is a revolutionary plugin for Adobe Photoshop, powered by artificial intelligence, aimed at revolutionizing the way you bring life to the colors in your photos. With just one click, "Neural Vibrance" applies intelligent saturation, enhancing every nuance without ever exceeding in making the colors unnatural or oversaturated. Thanks to sophisticated deep learning algorithms, the plugin carefully examines every pixel of the image to optimize the intensity of colors so that they shine in their best light while preserving the overall harmony of the image.

"Neural Vibrance" is the ideal tool for anyone wanting their photos to stand out with vibrancy and dynamism, without losing color balance. Whether you're editing a sunset, a lively portrait, or a detail-rich composition, a simple click can transform a flat and lifeless photo into a vibrant and energetic masterpiece. Forget long sessions of manual adjustments to avoid oversaturation: "Neural Vibrance" makes the process quick and efficient, ensuring high-quality results.

Key Features of "Neural Vibrance":

-Saturation Perfection: Enhances color vibrancy while maintaining a natural look, avoiding the effect of oversaturation.

Optimal Color Balance: Ensures every color shines in its authenticity without overpowering others, maintaining perfect balance.
Ease of Use: With an intuitive interface, optimizing your photos’ colors becomes effortless.

Cutting-edge AI Technology: Utilizes advanced algorithms for unprecedented color enhancement.

Universal Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Adobe Photoshop, it supports a wide range of image formats.

Whether you are a professional photographer looking for the final touch to make your works stand out, or an enthusiast wanting to enhance the beauty of your images, "Neural Vibrance" is the plugin that will elevate the quality and impact of your photos with a simple click. Get ready to amaze everyone with the extraordinary vibrancy of your shots.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Santiago Migue l Díaz Leon
Excelent plugin

Excellent plugin easy to use and amazing results

Juan Castro
Neural Vibrance

Es un excelente software, se obtener color en lugares muy bien definidos y determinados, es una grata experiencia ocuparlos

Unleash the True Colors of Your Photos with One Click: Discover the Power of Neural Vibrance

Transform Your Images into Vibrant Masterpieces with AI-Powered Precision


Elevate Your Photography Game with Neural Vibrance

In the realm of digital photography, the difference between a good image and a breathtaking masterpiece often lies in the subtle interplay of colors. That's where Neural Vibrance comes into play – a groundbreaking plugin for Adobe Photoshop that redefines the boundaries of photo editing. Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Neural Vibrance is not just another photo editing tool; it's your secret weapon to unleash the full potential of every pixel.

Neural Vibrance is not just an editing tool; it's a transformational journey for your photos. From subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations, watch as your images turn into vibrant works of art, ready to capture the attention and admiration of viewers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, Neural Vibrance is the key to unlocking the true beauty of your photography. Get ready to be amazed by the vividness and dynamism of your images, all achieved with a simple click. Embrace the future of photo editing with Neural Vibrance.


Color? no problem.

Reveal the Hidden Potential of Your Shots

Bring your shots to life in a way you've never seen before, enhancing colors and details with simplicity and precision. "Reveal the Hidden Potential of Your Shots" with a touch of digital magic. Our plugin, seamlessly integrable into Adobe Photoshop, allows you to instantly transform your images, ensuring that every photo best expresses its story through intense and balanced colors. Be amazed at how easily you can improve your compositions, making each captured moment not just memorable but extraordinary. Neural Vibrance is more than just an editing tool: it's the key to unlocking the true beauty hidden in your images.


one click best result

Refine Your Images with Smart Selective Saturation

Discover a new horizon in photographic post-production with smart selective saturation. With our tool, you not only apply exceptional vibrancy to your images but do so with surgical precision, thanks to the use of AI masks on color channels. This method allows for the selection and intensification of specific hues without altering the overall balance of the image. The result? Each shot is transformed, gaining depth and contrast that catch the eye and tell richer, more engaging stories. No more hours spent on complex adjustments: our technology gives you the creative control you desire with the simplicity of a click. Dive into the world of selective saturation and take your photos to the next level.



Innovation in Masks: AI Intersection for Extraordinary Details

Experience the frontier of photo editing with AI-intersected masks, a revolutionary approach that brings the precision of artificial intelligence directly into your workflow. This advanced technique uses the intersection of AI-created masks to isolate and modify complex details with unprecedented precision. Whether you want to enhance contrast in cloudy skies or emphasize details in a portrait, our intersected masks offer an unmatched solution for targeted edits and impressive results. This tool not only improves the quality of your images but also makes the editing process more intuitive and less time-consuming. Discover the power of AI-intersected masks and transform every photo into a detailed masterpiece.



LAB Saturation Magic with AI Masks: Vivid Colors, Incredible Precision

Step into the world of LAB saturation enhanced by AI masks, where colors come to life with a vibrancy and precision that defy expectations. Our innovative tool leverages the power of the LAB color model, known for its ability to manipulate colors in a more natural and intense way than RGB or CMYK models. Paired with AI mask technology, it allows for targeted saturation changes that respect the original harmony of the image, elevating the visual quality to unprecedented levels. Whether you're working on urban landscapes, portraits, or still lifes, LAB saturation with AI masks transforms each shot, ensuring that colors burst with a purity and intensity never seen before. Prepare to rediscover your images in a new light, where every chromatic detail is maximized, making your creations irresistible to the viewer's eye.



Elevating Saturation with Precision: The Critical Role of AI Masks

In the digital era, where every detail in a photograph can tell a story, the approach to enhancing color saturation has evolved. The days of indiscriminate saturation adjustments that risk oversaturating the entire image, leading to unnatural colors and loss of detail, are over. With the introduction of AI masks, we can now apply saturation with unprecedented precision, focusing only on areas that truly benefit from it, avoiding the excesses that distract and mar. This refined method allows for the enhancement of colors where needed, while maintaining the naturalness of the image and enhancing each shot with a perfect balance between intensity and realism. AI masks not only prevent the perilous trap of oversaturation but also open up new creative possibilities, allowing photographers to direct the viewer's attention with subtlety and intention. The use of masks for saturation transforms the way we perceive images, elevating digital photography to new levels of artistic expression.


rgb? not only.

Harmonizing CMYK + LAB on RGB: Innovation in Saturation

The integration of CMYK and LAB saturation functions applied to RGB color spaces represents a breakthrough in digital photo editing. This hybrid approach leverages the complementarity of the color spaces to achieve optimal saturation results, combining LAB's color management precision with CMYK's versatility and RGB's vividness. Thanks to this innovative fusion, it is possible to elevate the visual quality of images while maintaining exceptional color harmony. Images processed with this advanced methodology move beyond simple color correction, becoming creations that capture the gaze and evoke deep emotions. This technique opens new perspectives in color modulation, allowing artists to express themselves in ways previously unimaginable. Now, saturation is no longer a game of excess but a refined balance, where each hue is enhanced without losing the integrity or naturalness of the overall image.



Selective Saturation: Tailoring Colors to Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows

Embrace the art of selective saturation, a sophisticated technique that finely adjusts colors across the tonal areas of the image, from highlights to midtones to shadows. This method allows photographers to exercise unprecedented control over the emotional and visual dimension of their works, enhancing saturation where necessary to accentuate the desired atmosphere without compromising overall realism. Through targeted application of selective saturation, it's possible to highlight subtle details in the bright areas, enrich colors in the midtones for added depth to the image, and intensify hues in the shadows for greater visual impact. This approach not only improves the overall aesthetics of the photos but also opens the door to new creative possibilities, transforming each shot into a piece of art that speaks directly to the viewer's soul.


Does It All Seem Too Complex? Don't Worry, Achieve It With One Click Using Neural Vibrance

Navigating the intricate world of photo editing can often feel daunting, especially when terms like selective saturation, CMYK + LAB integration, and AI masks come into play. But what if you could harness the full potential of these advanced techniques with just a single click? Enter Neural Vibrance, the Adobe Photoshop plugin designed to simplify your editing process while delivering breathtaking results.

Neural Vibrance is not just a tool; it's your gateway to transforming images into stunning visual narratives without the need to understand complex editing jargon or spend hours tweaking settings. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Neural Vibrance intelligently applies selective saturation to highlights, midtones, and shadows, optimizes color harmony using CMYK + LAB on RGB, and utilizes AI masks for precision edits that would otherwise require expert skills.

Imagine bringing out the vividness of a sunset, the depth of a landscape, or the emotion in a portrait with unmatched clarity and balance. Neural Vibrance makes it possible, all while maintaining the natural beauty and integrity of your photos. This plugin is designed for photographers at any skill level, from professionals looking to streamline their workflow to enthusiasts eager to elevate their photography game.

With Neural Vibrance, you're not just editing photos; you're crafting masterpieces with ease. The intuitive interface guides you through the process, turning what used to be complex editing tasks into simple, one-click actions. This means more time capturing moments and less time behind the computer screen, all while achieving professional-grade results.

Don't let complexity hold you back from realizing your creative vision. Embrace the power of Neural Vibrance and watch as your images transform before your eyes. It's time to elevate your photography, one click at a time.

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