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Arguments of Video Course

Introduction to Night Photography

  • Objectives: Introduce the basic concepts of night photography, the necessary equipment, and the differences compared to daytime photography.
  • Contents: Overview of night photography, essential tools (tripod, remote shutter release, suitable lenses, etc.), and a brief introduction to camera settings for night photography.

Understanding Camera Settings

  • Objectives: Explain the crucial camera settings for night photography.
  • Contents: ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance. How and when to adjust them to best capture light in low-light conditions.

Basic Techniques

  • Objectives: Teach the fundamental techniques for successful night photography.
  • Contents: Use of a tripod, remote shooting, using the camera's timer, manual focus and autofocus in low-light conditions.

Composition in Night Photography

  • Objectives: Guide in the art of photographic composition at night.
  • Contents: Composition rules specific to night photography, the importance of the foreground, working with available light, and leveraging city lights for dynamic compositions.

Night Landscape Photography

  • Objectives: Provide the knowledge to capture breathtaking night landscapes.
  • Contents: Planning the photography session, reading natural light (moon, stars), long exposures, and light painting techniques.


  • Objectives: Introduce basic astrophotography techniques.
  • Contents: Necessary equipment, camera settings, locating celestial subjects, and post-production techniques specific to astrophotography.

Urban Night Photography

  • Objectives: Teach how to capture the essence of cities at night.
  • Contents: Choosing subjects, managing artificial light sources, creative techniques like light trails.

Editing and Post-production

  • Objectives: Show how to enhance night photos in post-production.
  • Contents: Introduction to editing software, adjusting exposure, contrast, sharpness, and advanced editing techniques specific to night photography.

Final Project

  • Objectives: Apply what has been learned in a practical project.
  • Contents: Creation of a portfolio of night photographs that demonstrates the skills acquired.

Bonus: Tips and Tricks from the Field

  • Objectives: Share personal experiences and practical advice.