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"How to Photograph Night Sky" - 2023 Edition - Ebook PDF

"How to Photograph Night Sky" - 2023 Edition - Ebook PDF


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"How to Photograph Night Sky" 2023 Edition

📚 Ready to master the art of astrophotography? 🌟 Look no further than our PDF book!

📷 By purchasing our book, you'll learn how to capture and process stunning Milky Way, deep sky, startrail, and panoramic images using Astro Panel X and other Adobe apps. 🌌

🔥 Plus, our updated version 2023 has been completely rewritten and updated for Astro Panel X, so you can be sure you're getting the latest and greatest techniques!

🚀 Order our PDF book today and take your astrophotography skills to the next level! 🌠

Available in Italian and English languages with five videos "Start to finish" (coming soon with future update).

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The Best Ebook for Astro Photography

"This is a comprehensive ebook for astrophotography enthusiasts who want to capture stunning images of the night sky. The book provides helpful tips on how to choose the right equipment, adjust camera settings, and make the most of image processing techniques to create spectacular photographs of the celestial sphere. Additionally, the book includes detailed information on major celestial events and the tools necessary to capture images of celestial objects such as stars, galaxies, and nebulas."

Topics covered in the ebook

1 The Photographic Technique
1.1 The Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) - Mirrorless
1.1.1 How a DLSR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) is built
1.1.2 Manual Exposure
1.1.3 Manual Mode
1.1.4 Exposure Times and Aperture
1.1.5 The ISO Value
1.1.6 White Balance
1.1.7 Exposure in Live View
1.1.8 The Focus
1.1.9 The Hyper-focal
1.1.10 Composition Techniques

1.2 Digital noise
1.2.1 What is Digital Noise
1.2.2 Techniques to eliminate it

1.3 Choosing the right optics
1.3.1 The best focal length
1.3.2 Chromatic Aberrations
1.3.3 Vignetting
1.3.4 The Coma Effect
1.3.5 Diffraction

1.4 How to shoot in Astrophotography
1.4.1 Single Shot and the 300 Rule
1.4.2 Using the Astro Tracker
1.4.3 Calibration with Dark, Bias e Flat Frames
1.4.4 Multiple Exposure
1.4.5 HDR Astrophotography
1.4.6 Startrail
1.4.7 How to make a Panorama
1.4.8 How to make a Timelapse

2 Shooting Planning
2.1.1 Camera Accessories
2.1.2 Astrophotography Filters
2.1.3 Clothing and Accessories
2.1.4 Light Pollution
2.1.5 Land Maps and Software for Smartphones and PCs
2.1.6 Astronomical Seeing and Weather

3 Post-production
3.1 Meet Astro Panel Pro
3.1.1 Installation
3.1.2 The Panel
3.1.3 The Landscape / Pro Section
3.1.4 The Astro Section
3.1.5 Export / Masks Section
3.1.6 The Fusion Section

3.2 Stacking of images in Astro Panel
3.2.1 Tutorial Merge (Silk, Focus Stacking, HDR, Night HDR, Mean Stack)
3.2.2 Stacking Startrail
3.2.3 Stacking Astronomical Images and HDR
3.2.4 Stacking Deep Sky Channel

3.3 Workflow images in Adobe Photoshop with Astro Panel
3.3.1 Single Shot Processing
3.3.2 Dual Exposure Processing
3.3.3 Deep Sky Processing
3.3.4 Startrail Processing
3.3.5 Remove Light Pollution
3.3.6 Make Panorama Images in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

3.4 Workflow for Timelapse Video Editing
3.4.1 Image Processing in Adobe Photoshop
3.4.2 Processing Images in Adobe Lightroom
3.4.3 Processing the Timelapse Video Sequence in Adobe After Effects
3.4.4 Editing video sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro

4 Astronomy Pills
4.1 Let’s learn to recognize Heaven
4.1.1 The Northern Sky
4.1.2 The Southern Sky
4.1.3 The Northern and Southern Lights
4.1.4 The eclipse of the Sun and Moon4.1.5 The Solar System
4.1.6 Astronomical Glossary

5 Bibliography and Conclusions

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