The Bundle

Browse over 1000 presets for Adobe Lightroom and create your mix to give the touch you need to your images. 

In Adobe Lightroom you can install presets from the "Development" section.

In the "Preset" tab click on the button with the "+" symbol and select the files you want. 

After installing, the presets will automatically be filed in the User Presets folder.

Hover over a preset to preview it, and click to apply it to your image.

The presets will also sync to any mobile devices you have the Lightroom app installed on.

Open a photo and swipe to find the Presets icon.

Over 1000+ Preset

Our presets for Lightroom: Perfection, Quality and Balance.
Our presets adapt to all types of landscape photographs making it alive with color and contrast. 

The Bundle includes:

Adjustment ToolKit
95 Presets

Landscape Various Colors
524 Presets

Landscape Color Explosion
9 Presets

Landscape Enhance
35 Presets

Landscape HDR
633 Presets

Night Landscape
80 Presets