Export and Masks


Manage the light like a Master

When the lights and shadows become difficult to handle, the Masks section comes in handy. This section is able to guarantee a rapid and constant workflow, allows you to select in real time all luminosity masks and is able to select all the highlights, shadows and midtones of the main colors.

Get Perfect Colors

With the color masks you can make the colors of your photos unique. With the real-time management of brightness masks you can also manage the main colors. You can improve contrast, brightness, saturation and vividness in no time by giving your photos perfect and balanced colors. Your photos will seem to come out of the monitor thanks to Astro Panel.

All adjustments at your click

Thanks to Astro Panel you won't waste time searching for hidden features in Adobe Photoshop CC. You will have in every tab you are using the main photographic adjustments, the brushes and the possibility of modifying in a click the opacity of the layers, the feather and the density of the brush selection mask.