Astro Features


Created for astrophotography

Automatically or step by step change all the images of the milky way, deep sky or startrail. With the tools available you can enhance any detail, remove the stars in deep sky images or enhance the colors of your startrails.

Photo of Pierpaolo Salvatore

Remove unpleasant gradients

One of the most aggressive enemies of astronomical images is the bright gradient. Astro Panel has integrated powerful tools to reduce the luminous gradient from images and restore a contrasted image without artifacts.

Master the stars

You are the master of the stars. The powerful tools contained in Astro Panel are the result of years of research and are now available to you. With one click you can completely saturate, fade or remove the stars from your Deep Sky images to emphasize interstellar gases making the image softer.

Get clean pictures

With the noise reduction and automatic hot pixel removal features you no longer have to worry about photos with unpleasant hot pixels and noise!

Photo of Andrea Zappia

Saturated impeccably

Since version 2, Astro Panel integrates color masks and brightness masks that work together to increase the quality of post production. With version 4 we introduced the selection in real time over the entire image of the brightness masks. Just a click of the mouse to select the area you want to modify and the game is done.

Stacking and Workflow of Milky way