Informativa sui rimborsi


In no case will the reimbursement be recognized, since it is a digital product we have no power to deactivate. Therefore, by accepting these terms and conditions, you renounce the right to reconsideration and the right to reimbursement.

The ONLY reason where a refund will be recognized is only and exclusively if the request meets the following requirements:
- Unsolvable technical problem

- Undeclared incompatibilities

PLEASE NOTE: For technical problems the refund will be recognized only after one of our technicians has tried to remotely solve the problem with your computer, if this is refused the refund will not be recognized.
Furthermore, the refund will be refused even if after the purchase you notice an incompatibility already declared on the website

- If the Photoshop version is not original, the refund will not be recognized.

Reservations (deposit) for courses and workshops cannot be returned under any circumstances once payment has been made.